Tales of Monkey Island: Episode 1 – Review

I’ve always been a fan of the Monkey Island series ever since I played the original “Secret of Monkey Island” on the Sega CD. They are hands down some of the funniest games you’ll ever play. The dialog is witty and absurd while the characters are memorable and enduring. After a relatively long hiatus developer Telltale Games started working on a new episodic Monkey Island title called “Tales of Monkey Island”. The game spans 5 episodes that each take around 2-5 hours to beat depending on your level of skill with these types of games and whether you use any guides/cheat.

The game is a straightforward point and click adventure. You control the protagonist Guybrush Threepwood(mighty pirate) with a virtual control stick that works well for the most part since the action is relatively slow. Other than moving Guybrush around you’ll also be required to interact with various objects throughout the world and occasionally combine items to form new ones. The story in this first episode has you stuck on Flotsam island, a place where the winds only blow inward and no ship can leave. Your goal is to find a way to stop the winds and restore order to the island. Along the way you’ll have to talk to a lot of characters in the town and acquire items to be used in multiple puzzles. The puzzles can be downright ruthless at times but they’ll seem obvious after you figure out what to do. It usually ends up being a specific item needed in a specific place. I should note that I think this episode is probably the smallest and shortest of the five. Consider this a warmup to the other episodes.

You can see the quality of the graphics in the screenshots below. I remember running the game originally on an iPad 1 and saw noticeable choppiness. You really want to have an iPad 2 or 3rd gen for this game. Unfortunately compared to the PC version the textures have received a noticeable downgrade in quality. It’s very apparent when you’re in the jungle and see the blurry trees in the background. Overall though everything looks great and runs well, I’d dare say that the game is more enjoyable on the iPad than on a PC since you’re using your finger to directly interact with objects. It allows for a more immersive experience.

The music and voice acting is an extremely strong point in this game. All of the characters are voiced very well and the music includes some classic updated Monkey Island tunes heard from previous games. I’d highly recommend you use headphones while playing this game as the single speaker on the iPad just doesn’t do it justice. If you’re a fan of point and click adventures or puzzle games in general I’d recommend you check this out!


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