Infinity Blade II – ClashMob Review

Today I’m taking a look at the newly released ClashMob DLC for Infinity Blade II. This new update adds asynchronous co-op gameplay between you and thousands of other gamers around the world working as one unified team. In addition you can also have your own “mob” by inviting people from Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, or email. By increasing your mob size you’re able to get bonus perks such as extra turns, more money, or a few seconds added to each event time limit. I should note that new purchasers of the game must first progress through the very beginning of the main storyline before they can access the ClashMob feature.

Once in the menu you’re greeted by this screen below.

It is here where you’ll take part in the events with thousands of other gamers. You can see the requirements along with what rewards you’ll receive if the event is successfully completed. I’ve spent around two days with the game so I can give a pretty good impression. The events are quick and take 30-40 seconds to do. Depending on your mob size you can do each one twice. If the co-op collective succeeds within the time limit you’ll be rewarded with the stated prize otherwise you fail and it moves onto the next event.

The mode is a good start and a neat idea to increase replay value of the game but I can definitely see how it’s possible for them to improve on it in the future. There are two main problems at the moment with ClashMob. One being that they severely overestimated how many titans players would be able to kill within their set time limits. So only a few of the rewards have actually been given. The second problem is that the events are so short and there are so few of them to play that it’s not something you can load up and really get involved with. Overall I like the idea but there needs to be more activity going on at once. Perhaps they’re just building things up and getting people accustomed to the mode. It’ll be cool to see if they have “Level 200+” events for the small groups of people that have characters that high. What are your experiences with the ClashMob feature so far? Post in the comments to let everyone know.

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