Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

The first iOS game I decided to review for the site is Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies. The main reason I chose this game is because of it’s advanced features like 4-player online co-op, Game Center invitation capabilities, and online voice chat. Now if you’ve already played this zombie mode on home consoles you’ll know exactly how the game works. To sum it up for those that haven’t, you and your team kill endless waves of increasingly difficult zombies until you inevitably die. The point of the game is to see how long you can last against the hordes of zombies, crawlers, and hellhounds. In the end you’ll most likely die from being surrounded or blame getting caught on the corner of something. On the higher waves it only takes one mistake to get you killed and that’s part of the excitement.

You can see in the screenshots below that the graphics are relatively faithful to the console/pc version but are definitely lacking detail. I toss that up to the developer needing to support lower-end devices. I’d say the special effects are the most disappointing, you can see the dissatisfying thundergun effect for instance. Overall though it’s pretty impressive how close the developer got to the console graphics. I played the game using an iPad 3rd gen and an iPhone 4. With the details slider maxed out I saw noticeable slowdown while playing on the iPhone 4 but on the iPad everything ran buttery smooth regardless of how many zombies were on the screen.

The audio is great for the most part as it includes all the original music and sound effects from the other versions. There are a few sounds oddly missing though like the standard raygun sound effect. Voice chat works using the external microphone on your device but I’d recommend plugging in your mic-capable headphones. It’ll prevent any echoing in the game and give you better quality voice chat.

The controls are probably what most people worry about for first-person shooters on iOS devices. They both controlled well using the default control setting; you use your left thumb to walk and strafe while your right thumb pans the camera around. I thought it was easy to reach all of the buttons and controls on both devices. The main problem while playing on the iPhone though is how much screen real estate is covered by your sausage-like fingers. Playing on the iPad gave more of a “console” type feel because of the size of the screen.

If you love shooters or the console/PC version of Black Ops I’d definitely recommend getting this. There’s plenty of replay value to be had with the online mode, especially if you have friends to play it with. You currently get the Kino Der Toten and Ascension maps with more being offered in the future. As a nice bonus you can also unlock the completely different “Dead Ops” mode by finding 4 coins scattered throughout the game’s menu. This mode has top-down styled gameplay where you and your team advance from area to area. It also DOES have an ending to reach whereas the other maps don’t.



  • 4-Player Online Co-Op
  • Voice chat
  • New maps added in future updates
  • Multiple control options
  • Universal app
  • Game Center friend invitations


Screenshot Gallery

iPad and iPhone

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