MacBook Buying Guide

I thought I’d put together an article about the current MacBook deals and compare a few of the most popular models. I just purchased a new MacBook Pro for my sister a few weeks ago and saved a good amount of money. I spent a lot of time searching around for the biggest discounts online before making my decision. I’m sure there are a lot of people searching for the best prices right now too. In fact, that’s probably why you’re sitting here reading this article, so I hope this information helps!

I ended up buying mine from Amazon since they offered the lowest price and free shipping. I chose a 13″ model since I figured that would suit my sister’s needs the best. I also bought a protective case, definitely not because she’s clumsy at all of course. I’ll add some Amazon links below of various configurations.

Amazon Links:

Click Here – MacBook Pro 15 256GB 

Click Here – MacBook Pro 13 128GB 

Click Here – MacBook Air 11 128GB

Click Here – MacBook Air 13 128GB

You can see there’s a good range of models to choose from. I added their current prices but they do fluctuate every few days. Add one to your shopping cart if you find one you like. That will let you get a total price and see whether any tax is charged. Amazon doesn’t collect tax from buyers located in certain states. This may allow you to save even more money!

I created the chart below to compare the models directly. If you aren’t tech savvy, just know that more is typically better, as it is with most things. I should point out that the CPU in all of the MacBooks have a “Turbo Boost” capability. The Pro 13″ goes up to 3.1GHz, the Pro 15″ goes up to 3.4GHz, and both of the Air models go up to 2.7GHz.

macbook buying guide

The MacBook Pro models offer better performance overall but do cost a bit more. If you’re a casual gamer you’ll be able to play a good majority of games with any of these models, though you may have to turn down a few settings. If you want the best gaming experience you’ll want to go with the 15″ MacBook Pro. That has a dedicated video card inside, whereas the other models have implemented an integrated one. If you aren’t a gamer at all then this information is a non-factor but I wanted to mention it.

I’ll also note that the Pro models have a much higher screen resolution. This makes text and icons extremely crisp and clear. It isn’t a huge deal for some people but it’s definitely something nice to have.

Overall I’m really happy with my new MacBook purchase and I’m glad I could save some money of course. I’m always on the lookout for a good deal and hope this benefits other people that are searching for the best prices.

If you want maximum portability and the longest battery life, go for the MacBook Air. It still offers great performance and you’ll save a decent amount of money. If those aren’t important to you and you’d rather have the best performance and an amazing screen, go for the MacBook Pro. That’s the best way I can sum it up. You’ll have to be the one to decide which model is right for you and what features you find the most important. Thanks for reading!

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