Chillingo Launches R.I.P. Rally

In a future where the dead walk the earth, the only entertainment is R.I.P. Rally. Outfit vehicles with heavy-duty firepower and blast zombie hordes in combat arenas for a roaring crowd. Tanks, vans, muscle cars — if you can strap a machinegun or rocket launcher to it, it's fair game. Do your best to survive, spend prize money on vehicle/weapon upgrades, and show off your triumphs on Facebook leaderboards.

Game Features:

  • Steer and shoot to survive waves of zombies.
  • Exploding zombies. Yeah that’s right. Zombies that explode.
  • Take on objectives and complete missions to earn cash to spend on upgrades.
  • Unlock better cars, bigger weapons, and awesome upgrades as you plough through wave after wave of zombies
  • Drive to survive and leave your mark on Facebook leaderboards.
  • UNIVERSAL; looks great on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

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