Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy – NEW UPDATE

There's a new update addressing a few of the issues I had with Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy for the iPhone and iPad. The player count has been upped from 8 online players to 10 now. You can also invite a friend directly to a match using the Game Center interface. Both are complaints I had with the game and welcome improvements. I wrote a short review of Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy that you can read HERE.

What's new

*** iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad now support up to 10 Online Players! ***
** Go head-to-head with a Game Center friend in a versus quick match **

New Planes!
– RFA10
– RF15X
– A6M Zero

Resolved Issues
– Game will no longer disconnect upon receiving an interrupt
– Additional anti-cheating checks

– Use Game Center invites to go Online and create a private or public room
– Online rooms can be restricted to a specific plane model
– New option to allow team changes
– Rematch option for multiplayer games
– Memory optimizations
– 17 New Achievements

Bonus Content
– Special Air Supremacy jet for players with the latest version of Rise of Glory installed
– This version of Air Supremacy unlocks a special plane in the latest version of Rise of Glory