Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy is actually the second game in the Sky Gamblers series created by Namco. You can easily categorize this game as an arcade-style air combat shooter. Namco should presumably be great at this since they already have a long-running “Ace Combat” series on home consoles. It’s actually a bit peculiar to me that they didn’t just use the Ace Combat name to attract buyers but I’m sure they had their reasons to keep the franchise separated. You can see in the screenshot gallery below that the graphics are some of the best yet on iOS devices. Namco has used all sorts of nice graphical eye candy from sun rays around objects to raindrops on your screen.

A great place to start once you load the game up will be the tutorials, they’re pretty helpful at getting you accustomed to the various controls. I have to mention that I’m usually disappointed with virtual control sticks on the iPad screen but the control stick in this game is absolutely amazing. It somehow feels much more accurate and precise than almost any other game I’ve tried. I don’t want to say it’s as accurate as having a real controller… but this is the closest thing so far.

In terms of gameplay you have a 10 mission single player campaign and 5 online multiplayer modes. I’ve read that it’s suppose to take you around 10 hours to beat the campaign but I think most people will beat it well before that. The online mode and unlockable jets is where the replay value comes in at. While playing online is quite fun, I sometimes thought that the maps felt a bit empty. I know there are limitations with iOS devices but I think the online action would be more intense if it allowed for more players. I’m also a bit disappointed that it doesn’t have simple friend invitations via Game Center. To be able to play with your friends you must create your own room with a unique name then tell your friends the name of that room. Overall though the campaign is fun and with the online modes, unlockable jets, and future downloadable content I can see this game having a dedicated group playing it for months or even longer.

If you’re looking for a solid online game to add to your collection I’d definitely recommend getting this. I think it offers a bit of variety compared to other online games currently out there. I consider the standard $4.99 price to be very fair for what you get. I can only imagine what Namco will bring us in the next Sky Gamblers game when it’s inevitably released.



  • 8-Player online battles
  • Future downloadable content
  • Multiple control options
  • Universal app
  • 5 online game modes
  • 10 mission campaign
  • Over 40 jet configurations


Screenshot Gallery

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